GSA was founded in 2012 a foreign brand offers design, construction, and project management services for the interior of commercial locations throughout China and Asia Pacific. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing, HK and Singapore, GSA is able to provide localized knowledge while focusing on the unique needs of multinational corporations. Our clients include GM, Colgate, Cisco, Praxair, Johnson Controls, Unilever, Eaton, Micro Port, FM Global and many other Fortune 500 companies.
Strategic facilities planning Our approach is to establish a complete understanding of all factors affecting your facilities- both, now and in the future. Those, that will cause change are carefully assessed, their impact identified, and various possible scenarios are modeled, using state-of-the-art techniques and software. This enables you to plan for change and ensure that your office will be designed to maximize flexibility and minimize alteration costs over time. GSA analyzes our Clients' future workplace needs and space strategies for their impact on the overall premises portfolio. We have the tools and skills to help you develop a multi-year facility plan within the context of your short and long term business goals. We scan our Client's operational and organizational aspects of business, staffing projections, workplace standards, technology requirements and facility requirements. Pre-lease services How do you find the best space in the best building to meet your business needs and your budget? Evaluating the location, size, and configuration of space that your business needs, is a complex task. As part of our pre-lease services, GSA can help you to establish your actual space requirements, and can provide you with comparative base building analyses, valuable tools to assist you in selecting the building that will satisfy your objectives. Project Management GSA manages both, the Pre-Construction and the Construction stage of your project to ensure cost control, quality control and timely delivery. Our project managers are experienced professionals committed to coordinating all aspects of your project - interior design, planning, IT systems migration, engineering - and steering them to a successful outcome. Interior Design and Planning GSA creates design concepts that perform as business solutions for our Clients. We integrate a company's business requirements, image, and staff needs with advanced workplace strategies and design that are flexible, technology responsive, and quickly delivered at the right price and at appropriate quality levels. We are focused on maximizing our Client's investment in their premises and the people they serve by offering services that add value to that investment. At GSA our Designers do more than provide our Clients with a beautiful work space. Our Designers are experts in furniture and material selection and in the coordination of information technologies, telephony technologies and building services technologies that are the heart of a world class workplace. GSA Technology GSA's Technology Division analyzes our Clients' IT infrastructure needs as a critical aspect of the overall approach to creating a new or renovated office. For clients with heavy technology demands, an understanding of future requirements coupled with smooth integration of the IT brief with the interior design brief are critical to achieving a successful project. Through our specialized project management services, our Clients reap the benefit of IT infrastructures that are tightly coordinated with mechanical and electrical systems. When GSA Technology is paired with GSA Interior's corporate design expertise, the Client can be doubly sure that the technical aspects of the business are seamlessly integrated with both, space planning and design. Building Services Engineering GSA designs mechanical and electrical systems compatible with base building provisions to meet our Client's operating requirements as well as health and safety standards for the workplace environment. We integrate our understanding of your workplace requirements for lighting, power, air-conditioning and fire services with our knowledge of local building code requirements to ensure optimal distribution and performance throughout your office. Procurement and Construction GSA Interior's expertise in the areas of procurement and construction ensures the ultimate result for our Clients' well designed interiors, correctly executed and delivered on time. We work directly with each trade and supplier to tightly control the cost, quality and timeliness of all orders, deliveries and installations. We factor in Client-preferences and local construction industry conditions to develop the optimum project delivery method for each project, ranging from administering the construction contract to taking on full responsibility as the general contractor.
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